Bio: Carol and Bill have been married since 1976. We have three children, Alicia, Billy, and Robby , one grandson, Shane, two granddaughters Olivia and Avielle, and 3 stepgrandsons, Landon, Griffin, and Keaton . Carol is retired from the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Bill is retired from Prince Georges County Government. We own property in Delaware, and an RV lot in Florida. We have a 43 Ft. MountainAire Motorhome, and carry a BMW motorcycle. We currently work for RiVoli Rallies.

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  1. Dan Daddieco

    Carol and Bill: Hi! From what I’ve read in your blog, it appears that you folks are employees of Adventure Caravans. I wonder if for a minute you could put aside your affections for the company you work for and possibly share some honest opinions about whether or not we would be making a wise choice by signing on for one of the upcoming Alaska tours.

    We are headed to Alaska next Summer – one way or another! We were planning to “just go” by ourselves, maybe with one or two other RV’rs, and take it day by day, no rush, we’re retired and got the time. But, we’ve been looking into Adventure Caravans. They have an Alaskan tour departing out of Great Falls, MT for a 59 day trip, that we are seriously thinking of signing up for.

    I would really like to hear your opinions – good bad, otherwise. As you well know, these tours are not cheap, and it would be a definite financial stretch for us, but if I can believe what they say in their catalog it sounds like it may be worth looking into. What do you think?

    Thanx ….
    Dan & Sheri
    Hot Springs Village, AR

    • Dan & Sheri, You are correct. We do work for Adventure Caravans as independent contractors, not employees. I can definitely put aside my affections for the company and share our honest opinion about traveling to Alaska with a tour company. Long story short, before we started to work for the company, we thought why would someone pay for these services when you can do it yourself. After traveling with the company, we are of the opinion why would you “not” travel with a tour company. I will shoot you an email for more specifics. Thank you for your inquiry.

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